Hey, I’m Baris

Hey, I’m Baris

I am an International SEO Consultant specializing in creating/implementing content and technical SEO strategies for international targeting, large-scale, and multilingual websites.

Career Highlights

🌟 Leadership: Proficiently managed SEO campaigns for over 20 websites, including leading teams with up to 15 members.
🌟 Strategic Roadmaps: Developed over 30 successful SEO roadmaps, resulting in a total of 6 million new users.
🌟 Large Traffic Sites: Experienced in managing websites with 8+ million monthly visitors.
🌟 Global Brands: Contributed to the success of well-known global brands, such as Alaska Airlines.

The Journey


  • Working at Payoneer as an SEO Manager, a prominent brand in the fintech industry and also listed in S&P.
  • Providing Expert-Vetted Consultancy to businesses on Upwork.
  • Running Sitemetrik SEO agency focused on serving established businesses, corporates, and enterprise companies.
  • Investing in stocks and startups.


2023 🎉 Recognized as the world's top 1% of digital marketers (via Upwork).
2022 📈 Joined the team of Perception Builder, which primarily focuses on serving large-scale businesses in the United States, including Fortune 500 companies like Alaska Airlines.
2019 📊  Started working with Adriana Stein Marketing, which is one of the best multilingual and B2B-focused digital marketing agencies.
2018 🥳  Founded Sitemetrik, an SEO agency that specializes in serving international targeting businesses, corporates, and enterprise companies.
2018 🌍 Started working as an International SEO Consultant as a freelancer, which allowed me to collaborate with numerous industries, teams, and projects from all around the world.
2016 🤔  Discovered passion for SEO and decided to build on the skills and knowledge that cultivated during that process to launch a career in the SEO industry.
2015 👨‍🎓  Graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration.
2012 🎬- Built my own eCommerce business, Kutlama Marketi, and started learning about digital marketing, eCommerce, SEO, and SEM to enhance and grow my business.